2019 MakeMore Report Published: From Grease & Grime to Technology & Talent

November 6, 2019 press announcement at the State Capitol. From left to right: Representative Clay Yarborough (R-Jacksonville), Bob Nave with Florida TaxWatch, Rep. Lake Ray with the Florida Manufacturing & Logistics Council, Robert Weissert with Florida TaxWatch, Michelle Dennard with CareerSource Florida, Dr. Jerry Parrish with the Florida Chamber Foundation, Senator Debbie Mayfield (R-Melbourne), Brewster Bevis with AIF, Dehryl McCall with CareerSource Florida and Kevin Carr with FloridaMakes.

The report summarizes the findings of the second annual 2019 Florida MakeMore Manufacturing Summit which was held on May 31 in Orlando, Florida.

It highlights the state’s manufacturing industry and its impact on the economy, details industry challenges and strategies proposed to confront them, and presents policy and business recommendations for continued manufacturing growth and prosperity in Florida.

Download a copy of the report here.

About the Summit

The MakeMore Manufacturing Summit is a leadership-focused meeting designed around connecting ecosystem stakeholders with the needs and realities of industry leaders from the manufacturing sector. It intends to serve as an annual platform to exchange ideas around how our state resources are addressing the impact of market dynamics, economic trends and policies, and new technologies in this sector. Join in-depth discussions as we build a road-map to strengthen and advance Florida’s economy through innovation, talent development, and leveraging our resources to accelerate the productivity and technological performance of its manufacturing sector.

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