As a young woman, I never considered a career in manufacturing. However, my first job out of high school at Collins Avionics in Melbourne, Florida was only the beginning of a life-long career in this industry. Manufacturing careers have many benefits, and one that is particularly attractive is the ability to receive high wages at all different levels. Today, only 29 percent of employees in the manufacturing industry are female. I would urge you to stand up, stand out, and allow this to empower you instead of acting as a barrier. I have found that my passion for the field and my job, continuing to be bold and never taking no for an answer has led me to growth in my career. Young women have every opportunity to build exciting and successful careers in manufacturing. This includes the ability to reach their maximum potential and possibly develop and manufacture something for our future. 

Sherry Reeves serves at the Executive Director of the Manufacturers Association of Central. You can reach her at or 407-897-3384.